Father Robert Has A New Show! Padre's Corner

Padre has a new show!  Padre's Corner.  What's Padre's Corner about?  Anything he wants it to be about.  Padre discusses various stories and has a guest on weekly.  Check out the premiere episode below...

Episode 1 of "Padre's Corner" - We talk a little about sloths and moths, encourage 4-chan, and talk with Chase Nunes about his dream to make Internet broadcasting his full-time job.

Review Of Doctor Who: A History By Alan Kistler


If you're a fan of Doctor Who you will enjoy Doctor Who: A History by Alan Kistler.  He takes us on a journey from the show's creation up until just before the 50th anniversary special.  We learn a lot about what it took to get the show on air the day after the JFK assassination  in 1963. Even a hardcore fan like myself (I've watched every episode of Doctor Who at least 3 times...classic and new series) found a lot of new info about the show I wasn't aware of.

I listened to this one, and Alan Kistler provides the narration for his own book.  He does a great job narrating.  Because of his real love for the show, his reading of various quotes and sections is quite passionate.

If you're one of the new fans of the show and perhaps haven't even watched any of Classic Who, you will enjoy this book regardless and learn a lot about your favourite protagonist, The Doctor.

"The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who" - Steven Speilberg

You can get the audiobook for free just for singing up for a free trial at Audible.

Interview With Author Roy Innes

Click to view on AmazonJILL  What can you tell me about your current work-in-progress?

ROY  Coswell number four’s icon sits on my screen nagging me. I’ve made a number of starts at it and have not been happy with any of them. That’s the norm for me, but when the right one appears, I’ll be off to the races. I rarely suffer writer’s block when the plot gets going

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Sweet Emotional Rescue - A Review of Keith Richards and Steven Tyler's New Biographies

Click To View On AmazonRecently, two titans of rock have bolstered their retirement funds by turning their hands to writing, releasing tell-all memoirs that detail their lives as the objects of eager groupies and as loyal customers for freelance pharmaceutical purveyors. “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” ain’t just an expression baby: For Keith Richards and Steven Tyler, it’s what puts the double helix in their DNA.

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Book Review of Roam Italy by Michael D'Amato (great book if you're touring Italy)

When you read Michael’s D’Amato’s book, you feel as though you have visited Italy. With the soul of a poet, he delivers a wonderful journaling of his travels there with the obvious yearning to bring much of its charm back with him. This book is a crash course in Italian body language for those unused to talking with their hands.  It is also a mini-guide to Italian expressions and a primer for Italian drinks and culture. His book begins by revealing his enthusiasm and struggles as a teacher. The text is both reassuring and beneficial to others in the academic arena stressing they are not alone in their problems.

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Book Review of Mercy Creek by Matt Matthews

A great summer read.

An author with a Southern flair, Matt Matthews holds the reader’s attention in Mercy Creek, his award winning novel set in the picturesque Eastern Shore. He uses vivid imagery, strong emotions and a masterful plot. Reading interest is held with mention of a crime spree yet the mood is lightened with humor sprinkled throughout.  Highly visual and sensory, he’ll have you crying and you’ll feel young Isaac’s racing heartbeat when Jenny is nearby. Isaac learns a lot about love, revenge, justice and loyalty as he uncovers clues to arson and two murders committed in the past. Will the husband (and father) of those two victims’ decision for revenge make things right?  It’s a book to be savored, conjuring up one’s own memories about young love and heightened curiosities. Mercy Creek is a memorable story of justice and equality, one not to be forgotten.

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